General business terms


Signum travel agency (hereinafter referred to as the agency), acts as a broker for accommodation services between guest and service providers (renters of apartments, village houses etc.) as a sales agent for other organizers’ excursions and as organizer of excursions. The Agency, on the basis of published information on its website, informs the guest and provides accommodation services and organization of excursions according to the confirmed reservation.

Inquiries and reservations and excursion* applications are received and confirmed by phone, e-mail or agency. When performing the booking and registration itself, the guest is required to provide all necessary information required by the booking process. The guest will receive a written confirmation along with advance payment information. Based on the paid advance payment, the guest receives the booking confirmation – Voucher.
Based on the booking confirmation, the guest is considered to be fully acquainted with the general terms and conditions
of providing the accommodation and to fully understand and accept them. In this way all that is stated in the general terms becomes a legal obligation both for the guest and for the agency.

* The Agency reserves the right to cancel the excursion if no sufficient number of passengers is reported. In that case, the agency is obliged to notify the passenger at least 2 days before the start of the trip.

Payment is in kunas, unless otherwise stated in the offer.
a) Advance payment (for accommodation facilities)
Advance payment is obligatory and should be paid upon receipt of availability confirmation unless otherwise indicated, otherwise the booking is canceled. When making a payment, please indicate the name of the person who has booked the reservation, the number of the reservation and the name of the accommodation to which the advance payment is made. An advance payment is approximately 30% of the total price of the package depending on the service selected and the terms of use of the service. Based on the paid advance, the guest receives confirmation of the reservation.
b) Remaining payments (for accommodation facilities)
The remainder of the total amount reduced by the amount of paid advance is paid to the landlord.
c) Trip Payment
The guest pays the desired excursion by paying the excursion price to the agency’s giro account. If the application for the excursion is made more than 7 days before the start of the excursion, an advance payment of 30% is payable. If the application has been made 7 or less days from the start of the trip, the total amount will be paid.

a) Basic Services
The price of the service includes the basic service resulting from the description of the booked service. Prices of services are expressed in Euro currency, and the Agency reserves the right to change the published prices (in case of changes of the owner’s price or exchange rate changes, ie higher foreign currency differences). For guests who have paid an advance for a specific reservation, the agency guarantees the price of the service resulting from the confirmed reservation, regardless of any subsequent changes in the prices of the services for the relevant reservation.
If it happens that on the day of arrival, ie on the day of the provision of services, more persons than indicated in the booking confirmation or in the travel documents (VOUCHER), the agency is entitled to deny the accommodation to unaddressed guests or, if feasible, to accommodate unannounced guests valid price list service.
The prices listed on the agency’s web site are based on contracts with our partners and do not have to match the prices posted on the spot ie in the destination where the guest resides, and any price difference may not be the subject of the complaint.
b) Special – other services
Special services are not included in the price of the accommodation, but can be realized by inquiry during the booking or directly at the destination if they are in the description of the required accommodation under “Additional costs”. Special services are paid on the day of arrival to the agency or directly to the owner of the accommodation unit.

According to the current Law on the Residence Tax of the Republic of Croatia, a guest / citizen who uses a service in the tourist facility outside his / her permanent residence in the accommodation facility in which a catering or tourist activity is performed shall pay the sojourn tax. The amount of the sojourn tax for a particular reservation depends on the destination in the Republic of Croatia and the term of stay and is charged according to these general conditions and at the same time with the payment of the final amount for accommodation.

The offered accommodation units (apartments, houses in the village or other facilities) are described according to the official categorization of the competent institution, and based on the insight into the actual condition of the accommodation when it is published, both by the agency and by our partners. Standards of accommodation, food and other services in some places and countries are different and not comparable. The Agency assumes no responsibility for any oral or written information that is inconsistent with the description of the service and the facility published on the Agency’s website.

In the event that a traveler wishes to change or cancel a reservation made on his request, he must do so in writing (by email) at least 30 days prior to the start of use of the service. Changes are considered to change the number of persons, the start date and / or the end of the use of the service, as well as the types of services. A change of reservation, if possible at no additional charge, will be made free of charge. In the event that booking is unavailable, and if the guest renounces the confirmed reservation, the deposit will not be refunded and will be used to cover the cost of canceling the reservation. If a guest does not appear at the destination until 24:00 on the day of the beginning of the use of the service without notice to the Agency on late or after the commencement of use of the cancellation of the leased service, the guest is not entitled to a subsequent claim for the paid amount.
If the traveler has to cancel the reservation, the agency offers him the opportunity to find a new traveler / user for the same reservation if possible (this also depends on the crank service provider). In this case, the agency will only charge the actual costs caused by the replacement of the Traveler. A new reservation user takes over all of the obligations under these General Terms and Conditions.
In case of cancellation of a reservation due to force majeure, the guest must only pay the actual costs of the cancellation, but not more than 25% of the total accommodation price.

The Agency reserves the right to change or cancel the reservation if there are exceptional circumstances that can not be foreseen, avoided or eliminated such as (country, war, terrorist action, sanitation, etc., disturbances in the facility, elemental disasters, , illness or death of a service provider, etc.).
The confirmed accommodation reservation can be replaced only with the prior notification of the guest and the accommodation of the same or more categories and the price of the accommodation upon which the guest confirms the reservation. In case of inability to make an adequate replacement of confirmed accommodation, the agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation upon prior notification to the guest at least 7 days prior to the start of service and guarantees the refund of the prepaid amount in full. If due to justified reasons the inability to make adequate substitutions on the day of the beginning of the use of the service, the agency will provide the guest with information on possible placement of the same or more categories.

The guest is obliged to: have valid travel documents, respect the customs and foreign currency regulations of the Republic of Croatia, upon arrival at the chosen destination, to the agency to inspect one of the documents (personal passport or identity card depending on the agency’s query) required to submit a guest, have VOUCHER / reservations you received upon booking your reservation and give it to the agency on the day of arrival to the chosen destination so you can pay for the rest of the service you have previously confirmed and start using the paid service, adhere to the house order in the accommodation facilities, and cooperate with the service providers in good faith. In the case of non-compliance with these obligations, the guest shall bear the costs and be liable for the damage done, and the Agency shall not be liable for any damages.

The Agency undertakes to issue a confirmation of the reservation made on the basis of the paid advance payment for the reservation, for a full payment of the VOUCHER, which contains all the services that will be used. The Agency undertakes to allow the use of a validated service, to take care of the rights and interests of the guest in accordance with the tourism aspects, and to make all their obligations under these conditions. The Agency is obliged to take care of the performance of the service and the choice of the service provider with the care of a good businessman, to take care of the rights and interests of passengers in accordance with good practices in tourism. The Agency is obliged to provide all the aforesaid services for a specific arrangement in the program and does not correspond to the passenger due to possible non-performance of services caused by force majeure (point 2) and delays in transportation for which the carrier fails to comply with the applicable regulations and international conventions.

The Agency fails to respond to damaged, destroyed or lost luggage, as well as for theft of luggage or valuables in the accommodation facility (if possible, it is advisable to rent a safe deposit box). Lost luggage or luggage is reported to the agency where the guest has been registered, the accommodation provider or the relevant police station.

The traveler provides personal information voluntarily. Passenger’s personal data are required in the process of realizing the agreed arrangements and will be used for further communication. Signum travel is committed to not disclose passenger information from the country except for the purpose of realizing the agreed arrangements. An exception to the disclosure of personal data to third parties is the contractualization of the travel insurance policy, ie if the passenger concludes the insurance policy, then his personal data will be forwarded to the insurance company. Passenger’s personal data will be kept in the database, in accordance with the Company’s Decision on the manner of collecting, processing and keeping personal data. The Passenger agrees that his personal data may be used for the purpose of marketing actions Signum travel.

The Agency reserves the right to change the terms of use of this site and other terms of business. Changes do not affect the already made and paid reservations.

If the customer has a complaint about the incomplete execution of the confirmed service by the agency, he may request comparative damages by filing a written complaint.
Procedure relating to the objection:
The guest is obliged to report the inappropriate service on the day of arrival by the agency in which he or she has filed an advertisement or by e-mail or telephone. The guest is obliged to cooperate with the agency, partner agency or owner of the accommodation in good faith in order for the complaint to be resolved on the mutual satisfaction of the site. If the guest does not accept the solicited complaint resolution that corresponds to the paid service, the agency is not obliged to accept a subsequent complaint. If the guest does not accept the agency’s decision and decides to subsequently claim the money paid, he / she must not stay in the advertised accommodation. No later than seven days after the expiration date of the advertised service, the customer undertakes to file a complaint in writing (by e-mail or by post). Complaint received outside the agreed deadline and incomplete documentation (photographs, data from other credible sources) will not be taken into consideration. The Agency will consider only fully-filed complaints received within 7 days. The Agency undertakes to make a written decision on this complaint within 15 days of the receipt of the complaint. The Agency may postpone the length of the complaint resolution for gathering information and reviewing the complaint filed with the service provider for a maximum of 15 days. Unless the agency issues a solution, the client waives the mediation of any other person, the arbitration of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies, or judicial institutions, as well as the provision of information by means of public information.
The Agency will only deal with complaints that the cause can not be removed on the spot, ie in the place of use of the service. The highest compensation for the complaint can reach the amount of the advertised part of the service, and can not include the services already utilized, nor the total amount of the service. This excludes the right of the guest to compensate for the ideal damage. If a guest finds other accommodation in a self-employed capacity and does not give the agency the opportunity to resolve the cause of his dissatisfaction within the agreed period, he can not demand a refund or file a claim for damages.

The Guest and the Agency will endeavor to resolve any disputes in the application of this Agreement by agreement, otherwise they shall be subject to the decision of the competent court at the seat of the seat.